Temecula Area Cardiologist Ernst von Schwarz, MD Warns Of Heart Disease Risks on ABC News

Murrieta, CA – ABC 7 news interviews cardiologist Ernst von Schwarz, MD in a story showing how heart disease symptoms in women are often misunderstood or misdiagnosed. Dr. Von Schwarz warns that many women may be at risk without knowing it. Link to the story: https://youtu.be/hg_XGR1JWSg

Dr. Ernst von Shwarz on ABC News Los Angeles

“Women’s symptoms of heart disease are different from those experienced by men,” says Dr. von Schwarz.

“Women often experience unique warning signs of heart disease which can be mistaken for other issues or ignored completely by their doctors. This can be especially dangerous in younger women who may not realize that they are at risk.”

A surprise diagnosis at just 29 years old

Tara, 40, first learned she had heart disease at age 29. She was misdiagnosed for several years although she complained of symptoms including recurring chest pains and a racing heart. Tara was told by doctors that she was just “too stressed” or was “drinking too much coffee.” Eventually Tara ended up in a hospital emergency room in shock from a pain medication she used for the first time. In the ER, Tara’s heart function was found to be “extremely low” and Dr. von Schwarz was called in to assess her condition. Tara ultimately required several procedures including having a pacemaker implanted and a surgery to repair a damaged heart valve.

Tara learned that she was pregnant about a year after her heart valve surgery. She was advised by her primary care physicians that her pregnancy would present a serious risk to her health, but Tara was determined to have at least one child with her husband. When her doctors were reluctant to care for her during her pregnancy she turned to Dr. von Schwarz who saw her through to term. Tara beat the odds, ultimately giving birth to healthy twin boys who are now 8 years old.

Ernst von Schwarz, MD, PhD, is a triple board certified internist, cardiologist and heart transplant cardiologist. Dr. von Schwarz practices in Los Angeles, Culver City, Beverly Hills and Murrieta / Temecula, CA
For more information visit www.drernstschwarz.com

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